1. The board should be 4’ long, 8” to 24” width, and level with runway.
  2. The scratch line is the edge of the board nearest the pit.
  3. The sand should be moistened to permit accurate marking, and level with the board.
  4. Jumpers may place 1 or 2 markers (as approved by games committee) alongside the runaway,to assist in the run-up and take-off, but no markers on the runway or marks in the pit.
  5. Meet management may place markers to the side of landing pits for marking meet records.
  6. Measure all fair jumps. Do not measure illegal jumps. Jumpers may pass any attempt.
  7. Measure at right angles to the scratch line or its extension to the nearest break in the sand made by any part of the body. Measure to the nearest lesser ¼” or CM.
  8. When preliminaries are held, one (1) more competitor, then there are places, qualify for the finals
  9. The order of competition in the finals is the reverse of the standings after the preliminaries.
  10. Scratch line shall be located by measuring from the nearer edge of the landing pit with a distance of approximately: Long Jump: Boys – 12’; Girls – 8’. Triple Jump: Boys – 32’; Girls – 24’ .
  11. At the conclusion of any jumping event, there shall be no further practice.

To break ties, use the #2 best jump or if still tied, the #3 best jump of any tied competitor. All ties in the preliminaries, advance to the finals.


  1. Everyone gets three jumps. There will be three more in the finals. The number of Contestants in the finals will be 1 more than the places, determined by games committee. Your best jump counts, whether in the prelims or finals, unless changed by Games Committee
  2. Notify the event judge, if you wish to change the foul line / take-off board, you are using during competition, if it is different from a previous jump.
  3. You must complete your jump within one (1) minute after your name is called.
  4. It is a foul if the competitor:

a. Allows any part of his/her shoe to extend over the scratch line, or line extended.
b. Runs across the scratch line or scratch line extended.
c. In the long jump does not keep head in the superior position (no somersaults)
d. In the process of landing or leaving the pit, touches the ground outside the landing pit nearer the scratch line than the nearest mark made in the landing pit.
e. Walking back toward the board through the pit.

Triple Jump – is the same as above with these additions:
a. Foul if hopping does not land on the same foot used in the takeoff or if in stepping does not land on the other foot from which the jump is performed.
b. It is not a violation if the trailing foot touches the ground.