Team Philosophy:

To develop the best track and field team possible! A successful track program is founded on excellent coaching along with the athlete’s commitment, dedication, and competitiveness.


Practices are Monday through Fridays from 3:45 to 5:30-6:00 pm, and some Saturdays from ~9am – 12pm 

  • Be at practice every day! If there is a conflict or you are going to miss a practice, you must clear it with your coach (school or family conflicts only)
  • Be Prepared! Come to practice with equipment: shoes, spikes, sweats, etc.
  • Be able to complete practices
  • Listen to your coaches


Meets are on Wednesdays or Thursdays, and some Saturdays.  Saturday meets are generally for Varsity athletes and some upper-level JV. All athletes are expected to be present for Falcon Relays!!!

  • You must be wearing an issued TPHS track uniform at all meets – NO EXCEPTIONS
  • You may not leave a meet early – even if you are done competing. Support your teammates.
  • Meets start at 3:45pm and end around 7:00 pm.
  • At the end of ALL meets there will be a clean up session and then a short team meeting before leaving.
  • For away meets we are limited to taking ~180 athletes. There will be buses to and back from meets. If you have a special circumstance that prevents you from riding the bus, please complete a Transportation Release Form explaining the circumstance. 

We expect all athletes to treat all teammates with respect as well as teams we compete against. If you are unable to follow these rules and guidelines, then Falcon track and field is not for you!


  • I will strive to be the best athlete and team member I can be by being positive and enthusiastic, and be giving 100% effort at all times.
  • I will be an active participant in all team functions: regular practices and meets, team meetings, and team get-togethers.
  • I will attend all practices and meetings. Being on time is a must at all times. Any conflicts must be approved by your coach with advanced notice.
  • I will respect and support my teammates, their abilities, weaknesses, and rights. THE TEAM COMES BEFORE THE INDIVIDUAL.
  • I will show respect for my teammates, my team, my coaches, my school, and the community in my actions and comments at all times.
  • I will limit my social life with consideration for what is necessary to make a commitment to being the best athlete I can be (i.e. late hours, parties, drinking, smoking, club sports). The social life in high school offers many alternatives to staying in shape. To be a champion, you are going to have to give up some things during the season. You cannot be a champion without making some sacrifices.
  • I will keep my poise and my temper at all times on the field. I understand that CIF rules require any athlete disqualified from a meet to sit out the following meet. Never talk back to an official at a meet. Since our volunteers choose to help at our meets, make sure that you thank her/him for their time they have given up to help you compete.
  • I will use clean language and show respect to my parents, coaches, school, teachers, administrators, fans, opponents, and officials.
  • I will study hard, complete all of my assignments, and make every effort to earn my best grade point average during all grading periods of the year. I will maintain a 2.0 GPA.
  • I will respect my equipment as if it were my own and will pay for all issued items damaged beyond normal wear, lost, or not returned on time.
  • I will wear the assigned uniform and sweats for all meets. I will not alter any of my uniform or sweats. Team appearance will be important to me. Knowing that to compete like a winner you must dress the part. Make sure that before you compete you are dressed properly (i.e. no jewelry) in Torrey Pines track sweats, Torrey Pines, track singlet, and Torrey Pines track shorts. If your uniform says Torrey Pines soccer or Torrey Pines football, you are at the wrong competition.
  • I understand that the training room is for treatment of injuries only.
  • Realize that you have made a commitment to a team. We believe that this means that you will be at all workouts, meets, and invitationals.