Purpose: To recruit and organize TPHS parent volunteers for Falcon Relays

Time Commitment: Need parents there at 9 AM; First event starts at 10 AM
Shifts should be morning (9 AM -1 PM) and afternoon (12:45 PM – 4:30 PM)

Positions that need to be filled: ( ) indicate how many people are needed

Clerk of the Course (3) – This is where the running event athletes check in for their race. The clerk will call for the athlete about 45 min prior to start of the event. They will make a second call about 15 min. later and a 3rd call 15 min before the start of the event. They will communicate frequently with the finish line on any name changes made prior to the start of the race.

Staging (8) – These parents will organized the athletes by heat and lane, AND make sure that the athletes are following CIF rules (i.e. – wearing a school-issued uniform with shirts tucked in, relay members are wearing matching uniforms, no jewelry, no electronic devices). They will help the starter officials keep the meet running smoothly. Ideally, have 3-4 parents in the morning and 3-4 parents in the afternoon.

Relay Officials (8) – There are a maximum of 3 exchange zones in the laned relay events. Two parents are needed per zone. The baton must be exchanged on or between the 2 large yellow triangles. Below are the numbers of exchange zones for the relays:
4x100m – 3 zones
Sprint Medley – 2 zones
4×200 – 1 zone

The horizontal events (long jump, triple jump, shot put, and discus):
Long Jump/Triple Jump (8) – There are 2 runways: girls (south) and boys (north). The long jump is run in the morning, the triple jump occurs in the afternoon. Two parents per runway are needed as officials to run the event smoothly. It’s a long day so usually, you have parents run the long jump and another set of parents run the triple jump. Athletes will be around to help measure and rake. Every athlete will get 3 jumps. The top 6 athletes will go to finals for 3 more jumps.

Shot Put/Discus (8) – The shot put and discus are run simultaneously south of the stadium. Two parents are needed per event to help make sure that the events are run safely. The parents help make sure that spectators and athletes do not cross into the competition area. Ideally, have 4 parents (2 per event) work a morning shift and another 4 parents work the afternoon shift.

The vertical events (high jump and pole vault): Invitational Events (based on mark entered)
High Jump (4) – The high jump pit is in the closed end of the stadium next to the jump pits. The girls (flights B then A) will go first followed by the boys (flights A then B). Each athlete will get 3 attempts to clear each height. The parents will act is the event official making sure the athletes go in the correct order and also make sure the bar is set at the correct height.

Pole Vault (6) – There are 2 pole vault runways in the north end of the stadium. The girls (flights A & B) will go first followed by the boys. Each athlete gets 3 attempts at clear each height. The parents will act as the event official making sure the athletes go in the correct order on this list. Athletes will be there to help get the bar up and make sure the height is correct.

Floater (3) – extra parent help (someone always bails)

Extra Info:
Each field event area coach will be present to help the parents run the event smoothly.
The athletes will be there to help run each field event.
If a parent works the whole meet, lunch will be served.