CIF PRELIMS – Saturday, May 16

CIF Prelims will be held Saturday, May 16 @ Mt. Carmel HS

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Girls Heat Sheets
Boys Heat Sheets
Girls Time Schedule
Boys Time Schedule

To qualify for CIF finals: (we are in Division 1)
Field Events
– In vertical field events, between 9 and 12 may qualify. They will jump athletes out to get down to this number.
– In horizontal field events, the top 9 will move on.
Running Events
– In laned races, top 9 will move on.
– In the 800, top 9 move on. The winner of D1 and D2 automatically move into the A heat.
– In the 1600 + 3200, top 12 move on. The top 2 in D1 and D2 move into the A heat plus next 8 fastest times.
At CIF Finals for laned races and horizontal field events:
A Heat – Top 9
B heat – 10-18
To qualify for state:
Must finish in the top three in the A or B heats at CIF finals OR Hit the CIF state qualifying Mark at CIF finals.
Uniform Rules:
– Athlete must be wearing a school approved uniform.
– If any undergarments go below the knee (i.e.tights), it must be a solid color including stitching.
– All warmup clothing (Sweats, sweatshirts, T-shirts, Shorts) must be representative of TP track and field or nothing. Athletes cannot wear clothing that represents another TP sport (i.e. football or cross country) or a different school/college.
– All headbands must be a solid color.
Running event athletes will check in at the clerk of the course which is located in the warm-up area 30-45 min prior to start of the event.
Field event athletes will check in at the event area appx 45 min prior to the start of the event.
If the athlete is listed as an alternate, they will need to check in to see if there are any scratches.
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